DINNER with Prof. Faruk Karadogan, the President of ITU:

Dear ITU Graduates;

Prominent ITU graduates and representatives of ITUMD had an informal dinner with Prof. Faruk Karadogan, the President of ITU, and his wife Dr. H.Karadogan on 21 May 2007. The attendees included H.Kopkalli, M.Toy and B.Eksioglu of ITUMD, E.Arkan of Kiska, M.Talimcioglu of PMK Group, A.Gurbuz of University of Massachusetts and S.Dalkilic of PricePC.

Prof. Karadogan provided information on the following subjects:
- state of the university; english education and education in english for competitiveness.
-centralized research fund; a fund is setup to centrally collect and manage research funds to improve efficiency and eliminate redundancy.
- on-going construction activities; a new stadium is being built by the Istanbul Municipality, subway stations within the campus.
- M.Inan Library; the library is being built and furnished by donations of 400 donors.
-future goals; reaching out all of the estimated 60,000 ITU graduates.

ITUMD 2007 Board members, H.Kopkalli, M.Toy and B.Eksioglu discussed the state of ITUMD and expressed concerns of use of ITU name by others (specifically by Mr. Kaya Buyukataman of ITUMUK) for personal benefits. Prof. Karadogan indicated that ITU recognizes only the ITUMD headed by Ms. Feray Girgin and represented herein by Kopkalli, Toy and Eksioglu.

< p>A photo taken during the dinner is attached for your convenience.

Truly yours, Bahadir Eksioglu, P.E.
ITUMD 2007 Board Member